My Dream Job

Hello! This is my dream job story from my friend's perspective, Kurniawan Cahyo . He is absolutely a wonderful writer. I hope you will enjoy it! :)

Garmastewira’s Dream Jobs in the Future

What do you want to be in the future? It’s a kind of question that we’ve heard since we were pre-school students. Most people always have a hard time to answer that question. I myself have to admit it’s one of questions that I try to avoid. I will tell you about my friend’s dream job. His name is Garmastewira, or we usually call him Rangga.

Obviously, Most of SEEI (School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics) students are interested in technology. Many of them also want to work that is related to video games, especially the boys. In the future, Rangga wants to be a gadget inventor or game developer. I was told by him that he has been into gadget since he was a child. Everytime he looked at sophisticated electronic devices, he was curious about them. He questioned how they were made, who made them, and why people made them. Because of it, he wants to answer his curiosity by being a gadget inventor in the future. He said that he wants to make the mobile phone way more sophisticated by adding 3-dimensions video call. It will use hologram to make it 3-dimensions. He also wants to make people operate the phone by voice command. Even though the voice command isn’t something new, he thinks that it’s still have many problems. Therefore, he will straighten up the problems and make the voice command more perfect.

Rangga’s another dream job is becoming a game developer. Although he loves to play games, he is not a maniac. His most favourite game genre is RPG, such as Final Fantasy. He wants to be a game developer because he likes programming and writing stories. However, he doubts his imagination for the game’s graphic. Hironobu Sakaguchi is Rangga’s inspiration because he is blown away by the fact that Mr. Sakaguchi is able to make beautiful games with amazing stories. By being a game developer, he has a wish to make people all around the world feel  happy.

There are reasons why Rangga wants to be a gadget inventor or game developer. He is fascinated by all of gadget inventors and game developers because they can make innovative inventions that blow people mind. They always try to develop technologies to be more useful and sophisticated. They also spread the technology trend easily and have big influences to people around the world. Rangga also thinks that being a game developer or gadget inventor will bring him lot of profits and make him famous. In Rangga’s opinion, the obstacles that may block him to achieve his dream jobs are struggling in teamwork, easily giving in, and perhaps his mother. His mother is a really religious person so she doesn’t want Rangga doing wasteful or weird acts.

Rangga has plans to make his dream comes true. Like the other college students, he will study and work hard. In the second year, he will choose his major carefully so it can help him achieving his dream jobs. He wants to study abroad if he is given any chances and also become Singapore, Hong Kong, or United States citizen. He will do some internship in big companies to earn some experiences related to his dream jobs. The most important thing, he will practice his English skill well. Thus, he can communicate with people from all parts of the world easily. If all of the preparations are ready, he will start one of his dream jobs.  


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