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Comparison Paragraph

Many scientific-fictional films are favorite movies of myriads of people. These films’ success are mostly attributed to their enthralling representation of the chosen one. In fact, some of the chosen ones share literally similar stories, as demonstrated by Harry Potter in Harry Potter movie series and Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings movie series. While both later fulfilled the prophecy, they both initially depicted as ordinary boys who did not realize their abilities and their missions. Harry Potter was an ordinary boy in real world who was unaware of a magical world’s existence. Similarly, Frodo Baggins was only a peasant who never went outside of his village. However, both later faced unexpected and bizarre coincidences. Potter unexpectedly met Voldemort who killed his parents, while Frodo was visited by a stranger who gave him a mission to carry a ring. They were unaware of what they actually should accomplish, but they later learned their prophecies. While intense moments haunt…

Villain Analysis

Movie business is one of the current fastest growing market. The most successful movies are usually movies which represent a protagonist who is assisted with a task to fulfill an ancient prophecy. For example, Harry Potter series have grossed billions of dollars. However, what if the chosen one is actually a person who will be the primary villain in the movie? This is what exactly happens in the Star Wars series, in which a talented boy named Anakin Skywalker transformed into the notorious Darth Vader.
I choose Darth Vader due to the fact that his story generally relates to our world’s dictators. Originally named Anakin Skywalker, he had a miserable past. He and his mother were slaves for Watto, an owner of a junk shop in Planet Tatooine. Anakin has no father, thus making his birth miraculous like Jesus’ birth. Unlike other people, he has the ability to see things before they happen. Fortunately, a man whose name is Qui-Gon Jinn discovered his talent. Jinn then introduced himself as a …