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My Dream Job

Hello! This is my dream job story from my friend's perspective, Kurniawan Cahyo . He is absolutely a wonderful writer. I hope you will enjoy it! :)

Garmastewira’s Dream Jobs in the Future
What do you want to be in the future? It’s a kind of question that we’ve heard since we were pre-school students. Most people always have a hard time to answer that question. I myself have to admit it’s one of questions that I try to avoid. I will tell you about my friend’s dream job. His name is Garmastewira, or we usually call him Rangga.
Obviously, Most of SEEI (School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics) students are interested in technology. Many of them also want to work that is related to video games, especially the boys. In the future, Rangga wants to be a gadget inventor or game developer. I was told by him that he has been into gadget since he was a child. Everytime he looked at sophisticated electronic devices, he was curious about them. He questioned how they were made, who made th…



My name is Garmastewira. Most people can't pronounce my full name correctly, so my mom gave me a common nickname, "Rangga". I'm a freshman at Bandung Institute of Technology. I chose SEEI faculty due to my passion for inventing something. I'm always excited about anything about computers. I love music, no matter what the genre is. I never miss a single day without playing my old grand piano. I like individual sports like running and swimming, but I absolutely dislike any kind of team sports, especially football. Living as a single man for 17 years, I hope that I will find someone special on campus before my 18th birthday.

That's some information about me. I'm not certain on what I will become in the future, but I really want to contribute a big invention to the world. I wish that I could be as influential as Steve Jobs!