Wednesday, September 3, 2014



My name is Garmastewira. Most people can't pronounce my full name correctly, so my mom gave me a common nickname, "Rangga". I'm a freshman at Bandung Institute of Technology. I chose SEEI faculty due to my passion of inventing something. I'm always excited on anything about computers. I love music, no matter what the genre is. I never miss a single day without playing my old grand piano. I like individual sports like running and swimming, but I absolutely dislike any kind of team sports, especially football. Living as a single man for 17 years, I hope that I will find someone special in campus before my 18th birthday.

That's some information about me. I'm not certain on what I will become in the future, but I really want to contribute a big invention to the world. I wish that I could be as influential as Steve Jobs!

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