Villain Analysis

Movie business is one of the current fastest growing market. The most successful movies are usually movies which represent a protagonist who is assisted with a task to fulfill an ancient prophecy. For example, Harry Potter series have grossed billions of dollars. However, what if the chosen one is actually a person who will be the primary villain in the movie? This is what exactly happens in the Star Wars series, in which a talented boy named Anakin Skywalker transformed into the notorious Darth Vader.

I choose Darth Vader due to the fact that his story generally relates to our world’s dictators. Originally named Anakin Skywalker, he had a miserable past. He and his mother were slaves for Watto, an owner of a junk shop in Planet Tatooine. Anakin has no father, thus making his birth miraculous like Jesus’ birth. Unlike other people, he has the ability to see things before they happen. Fortunately, a man whose name is Qui-Gon Jinn discovered his talent. Jinn then introduced himself as a Jedi. Jedi is the guardian of peace and justice in Star Wars’ galaxy. Interested in Anakin’s power, Jinn invited him to learn as a Jedi in Planet Corruscant, capital of the galaxy. Jinn successfully freed Anakin, but Watto did not want to release his mother. After encouraged by his mother, Anakin decided to leave his mother and go with Jinn.

Upon learning as a Jedi, Anakin faced many rejections. In Corruscant, the Jedi council doubted that Anakin would be able to fulfill the prophecy. It foresaw huge sorrow and fear in Anakin, therefore rejected him. Later, Jinn was killed by a Sith. Sith is the galaxy rebel who wants to dominate and prevail the galaxy. Following Jinn’s death, the Jedi council heavy-heartedly fulfilled Jinn’s request, which was to admit Anakin as a Jedi. Three years later, he and Kenobi, his new master, accomplished the mission of rescuing the kidnapped Corruscant’s chancellor, Papaltine. Papaltine then suggested the Jedi council to give the “Jedi Master” rank to Anakin, but the council once again refused.

Anakin is a prodigy. His measured “force potential” is the highest among all Jedis. However, he is totally rebellious as he violated many Jedi ethics. Being a Jedi means that you have to make sure that your thought is free from anger, fear, and arrogance. Moreover, celibacy is a must. On the contrary, Anakin thought that most of the missions given to him were too easy. He detested the Jedi council as he thought that the Jedi council underestimated his power. He even made love with the princess of Planet Naboo, Padme, and later married her.

Death is Anakin’s biggest anxiety. Once, he dreamed that his mother was dying. When he went to Tatooine, he learned that the Tusken tribe kidnapped and killed his mother. Full with vengeance, he mercilessly killed all of the Tuskens. The next year, Anakin learned that Padme was pregnant with twins. Anakin was happy, but he constantly had a vision of Padme dying in a childbrith. He did not want to repeat the same thing as what had happened to his mother. Anakin sought help to Papaltine, but Papaltine told him that being a Sith would save Padme’s life. Anakin was shocked when he discovered that the chancellor is the Sith’s group leader. Concerned on Padme’s life and fascinated by the freedom of power usage in Sith’s world, he decided to be Papaltine’s apprentice. Papaltine then started a mission for Corruscant to annihilate the Jedis and changed Anakin’s name into Darth Vader.

Vader found a very great pleasure by killing every single Jedi and being the commander of Papaltine’s troops. He finally could prove how powerful he was. After slaying many Jedis, he eventually forgot his true purpose of being a Sith. When Anakin went to Planet Mustafar in order to search and kill Kenobi, he met Padme. Anakin asked Padme to join him, but Padme begged him to come back to the right path. Feeling betrayed, Anakin choked Padme until she was unconscious. Enraged by Anakin's deed, Kenobi emerged and battled Anakin. After battling for a long time, Anakin slipped and fell into the lava of the planet, resulting in Anakin’s defeat. Anakin was dying slowly, but later saved and revived by Papaltine. His charred body was replaced with robotic body. At the same time, Padme gave birth to Leia and Luke, but she passed away. When Vader learned that Padme was dead, he became outrageous. He blamed everything and finally vowed to conquer the entire galaxy.

Vader might be too malignant, but he still had a good side. In the last movie of Star Wars series, Vader sacrificed himself to save his son. Thirty years after Vader's revival, his son, Luke, became a famous Jedi. Interested in Luke’s power, Vader told his troops to bring Luke to him. When Luke learned that the infamous Sith was his father, he finally came to Vader by himself. Vader battled Luke to introduce the unlimited power of the dark side. At the same time, Luke reminded Vader of the fault that Vader had done, especially Padme’s death. The battle ended with Vader’s defeat. Papaltine asked Luke to be his new apprentice, but Luke refused. Not happy with Luke’s decision, Papaltine then shocked Luke with lightning spell. The sight of Luke's agony broke the dark side's hold on Vader. Vader then lift Papaltine and threw him into an abyss. However, Vader was severely wounded by the lightning spell. Before he died, he apologized to Luke for everything he had done. Finally, Vader, or initially Anakin, rested in peace.

Many people, especially dictators, have the same story as Darth Vader’s. For example, we can relate to the story of Hitler’s life. Hitler’s mother was dead after being treated by a Jewish doctor. He also could not stand to watch the Jews thriving in Europe. He eventually grew hatred towards Jews and later slayed them. Coveting for bigger territories, he fought the entire Europe and even the Soviet Union. Mussolini’s story is not different. He was rejected by the socialist party and consequentially created the cruel fascist party to rule Europe. Both Hitler and Mussolini claimed that their ethnic were the best, but they both later faced big loss. Other dictators also have similar stories. The different part of Vader’s story compared to dictators’ is his sudden change from the dark side to the right path. Could it happen in our real world?

There are many lessons that I got with the existence of Darth Vader. Firstly, you may be the most talented person, but that does not mean that you will always get the best. You have to calm your arrogance as everything has its perfect time. Secondly, you must avoid greediness. Greediness may lead to joy at first, but you will slowly forget people whom you care. You will be a very selfish person and will eventually end up in anguish. Thirdly, even the vilest man still has a good side. When people you care change into bad people, don’t stop reminding them to bring them back to the right path. And lastly, you don’t know when you will die. Whenever you do something wrong, make sure you apologize soon.


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